Activated Charcoal or Activated Carbon




According to, activated charcoal otherwise known as activated carbon has no long term ordering of its structure, which came about from incomplete combustion of organic matter.  Due to its structure and nature, it is able to attract various substances.


In the area of medicine is where activated charcoal renders a punch, activated charcoal is used as a stomach decontaminant, and also in emergencies after excessive intake of oral medications or poisons from the absorption of certain drugs and toxins.


After taking activated charcoal as a medication, cathartics are needed to eliminate the charcoal-poison bonding from the gastrointestinal tract.  Activated charcoal may also have an effect on systemic drug levels by lowering the serum levels of already absorbed drugs or toxins. 



Some of the following areas where activated charcoal has poor effects:


1). Strong Acids or Bases

2). Methanol and Substances with Limited Absorptive Capacity - 

(including iron, lithium, arsenic).



Activated charcoal binds to the poison in the gastric content of the stomach, creating a transit time that is beneficial to the patient.  Activated charcoal first clinical application, occurred in the early 1800s.

It was also stated that although the treatment of poison is invasive, it is the World Health Organization (WHO) list of essential medicine that includes the most important medications that are needed in the basic health system.





Activated Charcoal in the use of Dentistry:


It was recommended by Dr. Steven Lin:

"When it comes to activated charcoal for teeth whitening, discretion is advised. I have seen patients whose teeth suffered erosion due to the overuse of charcoal.

I also suggest you consider smearing the product on your teeth instead of brushing it on. This allows the product to effectively whiten the teeth without harming your enamel".

Therefore whatever your condition, please check with your Dr. and as in life moderation is the key.  Dr. Steven Lin also recommended possible using activated charcoal in the morning and toothpaste in the evening.  When using any products please observe your reactions or any negative changes to your baseline.  Report them in a timely manner to your healthcare team. 


 Activated Charcoal And Certain Drugs:





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