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Hi, so you’re working in your ideal career & BAM, you’re knocked over with a boulder like illness. What do you do next? Well, I am Vendiletia Oxford (Vendi Oxford), and this is part of my story. I am the founder of Stepshey.com. Stepshey is a part of Vendi’s Steps LLC. Life has allowed me to journey through retail, office environment, and the health field. My dream as a child from 3 years old was to become a Nurse. I was able to work as a Registered Nurse for almost 8 years; that was until the day I couldn’t see the time on the clock in my car or any writings on my mobile device. I was about to start my car, leaving for work. After battling through the health field, I was finally diagnosed with hemiplegic migraines. These migraines are debilitating and life altering. I went to the point of almost been unable to take care of myself. It is not within me to give up without a fight, that power, and drive is what has prepared, propelled me forward and I greatly appreciate it. This fighting power keeps me strong emotionally, and spiritually. Whatever life throws at me, I will eventually smile. Life is beautiful, and Stepshey is my next journey, and I will thank you in advance. Love, life, and appreciation for others pushes me to reach towards others, and assist them in whatever capacity. Stepshey is very therapeutic to me. I try to make it beneficial to others. My desire is to share my love for the world, and others through my journey. Peace is very important, and hopefully some of that love of community, and peace will reach others, and be beneficial.
Vendi Oxford
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