Renoir Men's Slim 2BT Jacket Blazer Size 38/32

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Renoir Men's Slim 2BT Jacket Blazer Size 38/32

Size: S38/32
Article: 201-1
Model: Slim 2BT Vent. Nopleat
Fabric Composition: 65% Polyester, 35% Rayon
RN 120869
CN 55920
PO. NO. 1121312
3 Inside Pockets- 2 on Left Side, 1 on Right Side
3 Outside Pockets- 2 Lower Pockets Still Stich Together, 1 Upper Pocket
Slits in Back- 1 on Right, 1 on Left
4 Buttons on Each Sleeve

Care Instructions:

Dry Clean Only.

Flat Lay Measurements:

Armpit to armpit: 26 inches

Waistline: 18 inches

Length: 28 inches

Sleeve length: 23 inches

Shoulder width:18 inches

Cuff: 5 inches

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